Medical Billing - How it works

Once we receive patient and billing from your office

A designated person from your office will enter or upload patient demographic, insurance and superbills directly into our system daily or weekly. Our office will work closely with your office staff to set up a process that works for you. 

We scrub claims for errors and required modifiers

We enter each superbill individually or double check what is entered by your office. We will scrub for any errors, missing information, covering diagnosis or modifiers required. This way every claim we send out is clean of errors to avoid any delays in payment.

We post payments and balance bill patients and secondaries

You will receive all insurance payments directly to your office and scan all insurance EOBs into our system. We will post all payments to each individual account and send the balance to either a secondary insurance or to the patient.

We follow-up on all denials and send appeals

We call to have all denials reprocessed and appeal any denials that are not correct. We will also notify the office of any non-covered procedures that may not be appealed per a specific plan or patient policy. This way you aren't performing services you won't get paid for. 

We call on all outstanding claims over 180 days

Every 180 days we call on every outstanding claim that may not have been processed by the insurance companies. This allows us to account for every claim billed and ensure you are getting paid for the services you provide. It is not uncommon for an insurance to just not process or pay a claim. We follow-up to make sure that doesn't happen.

We will send you monthly reports along with the invoice

We send you and invoice at the close of every month with standard reports outlining the amount billed, collected, adjusted and outstanding that month. We also provide reports on any other metric requested free of no charge.