Credentialing - How it works

Complete CAQH

We would walk you through the online CAQH application and send any required documentation. Once this is complete we are ready to begin the credentialing process.  

Participation Applications

We would request participation applications from the individual insurance companies. Once received we would complete and submit the applications with all requested documentation.


We would follow-up with the insurance companies to verify receipt and processing time. We would follow-up and track the progress. We would provide any requested information and respond to any inquires during that time. 

Contract Submission

Once received we will provide you with the signature pages and request that you return them to us within 10 business days. We will forward the signed contracts to the insurance companies. 

Follow-up and Follow Through

Once we return the signed contracts we will follow through with the insurance company until participation is granted. 

Provide a Credentialing Log

Once the credentialing process is complete we will provide you with an Insurance grid with all insurances we credentialed you with, your provider IDs with those companies and your effective dates. 

Now you are ready to begin seeing patients!